Reasons to choose Divyadrishti Eye Centre….


  1. The Surgeons:
  • Nurtured and Trained at the Premier Institute like AIIMS, New Delhi,Shankar Nethralaya,Chennai,L.V.Prasad Eye Institute,Sri ShankarDeva Netralaya
  • Doing phaco for last 40 years(All surgeons experience combined),having implanted several thousand foldable lenses
  • Pioneer in topical phaco(without injection).
  • Performed live surgery in many conferences and workshops.
  • Implanted maximum no. of specialized intraocular lens(IOL) like Multifocal,Toric IOL etc.
  • Capable of handling difficult cases like:Supra hard cataract, subluxated cataract, small pupil cataract, posterior polar cataract.
  • Ability to handle any complications arising during surgery.
  1. The centre:
  • Divyadrishti Eye Centre , patna is one of the most equipped centre of Eastern India.
  • First eye OT in Bihar & Jharkhand to have laminar flow with separate AHU for two state of art Operation Theatre.Jointless Epoxy Flooring,Epoxy wall paintings and Doors.Laminar flow filters everything beyond 0.3 micron thus preventing air contamination of OT which decreases the risk of infection.
  • OT equipped with world best Phacoemulsifier (Centurion,Infinity with Ozil IP & Compact Ellips technology).
  • Total 4 Phaco machines
  • World best Operating Microscope (Zesis Lumerra T) & Topcon
  • One standby microscope
  • Transparency:all patients are handed over IOL case / wrapper used in their eye.
  1. The Machine:
  • More predictable outcome because of greater accuracy in intraocular lens power calculation with Optical biometer,AL Scan
  • World best phacoemulsification machine (only select centres in country to have) : Centurion vision system ,Alcon(1st commercial installation in India),INFINITY from ALCON,USA (approved by FDA,USA) with IP (intelligent phaco).
  • Torsional phaco which is very safe and very efficient unlike traditional phaco in other machine.
  • Less turbulance in the eye,Less heat production in eye
  • Increased safety margin.
  • Fast, takes less time than any other machine, hence good for eye.


Why Lasik at Divyadrishti Eye Centre?

  • This centre has been doing Lasik procedure since 2010.
  • Latest & fastest Excimer laser WaveLight EX500
  • Ths machine has the ability to give very accurate and predictable results
  • Moria one use plus –SBK Microkeratome for making corneal flap which produces planar flap nearly as good as Femto
  • Latest addition:CONTOURA Laser,world’s first FDA USA approved topoguided lasik, for customised laser treatment
  • This corrects the surface irregularities of cornea apart from refractive error,which are responsible for higher order aberration.
  • Now it is possible to give more than 6/6 vision in some patients with this laser
  • We are 2nd in East Zone and the only centre in Bihar to have this technology.


Why Oculoplasty treatment at Divyadrishti Eye Centre?

  • E.RavindraMohan,formerly chief and director of Oculoplasty wing of Shankara Nethralaya has 25 years of experience
  • Largest experience of handling Dropped Lids(Ptosis),Orbital tumour,Lid deformity,Blepharospasm,Lid bags and age related lid problems


Why Vitreo-retinal services at Divyadrishti Eye Centre?

  • This centre has latest OCT machine,FFA camera,GreenLaser,Laser indirect Ophthalmoscope
  • Standby OCT and Laser
  • Constellation Vitrectomy machine(Alcon),the latest and best for treating Diabetic Retinopathy,Retinal detachment and vitreous haemorrhage
  • Amit Basia,trained at Shankar Nethralaya,Chennai and former consultant at L.V.Prasad Institute,Hyderabad and Dr.Divya Pandey, trained at Sri ShankarDeva Netralaya,Guwahati are quite competent to handle any complicated vitreoretinal surgery

Why Pediatric Eye treatment at Divyadrishti Eye Centre?

  • This centre is equipped with boyle’s apparatus/monitor for operation under general anaesthesia for children
  • Safe Anaesthesia by trained Anesthetist
  • Surgeons well trained to operate on eye diseases of children like Congenital cataract,Congenital Ptosis,Congenital NLD block,Tumour,Pediatric trauma,retinal detachment,Squint
  • Facility for screening and treatment of Retinopathy of Prematurity(A sight threatening disease of premature babies)

Why Trauma Cases at Divyadrishti Eye Centre?

  • Anaesthesia service available
  • Trained cornea surgeon for corneal tear
  • Trained Lid surgeon for lid injury
  • Trained VR surgeon for traumatic retinal detachment,Vitreous haemorrhage,Tr.Endophthalmitis