ICL-Opening of new avenue for glass removal in patients not suited for LASIK

Proud to inform you the successful implantation of Phakic IOL (ICL) in 8 eyes of four patients.Only centre in Bihar to have started and implanted in so many eyes Implantable lenses (ICL)are a surgical alternative to LASIK and, in some cases, produce better vision than LASIK.ICL is done for cases otherwise not suitable for LASIK, like:

  • Eyes with thin cornea
  • High power

Both procedures alter the way light rays enter the eye, to achieve sharper focus. LASIK does this by removing tissue from the eye’s cornea to change its shape. Implantable lenses function like eyeglasses or contact lenses, except they do it from within your eye through the addition of an artificial lens to compensate for biological defects.

  • It does not cause loss of any corneal tissue
  • Reversibility may be one of the procedure’s main advantages over laser vision correction such as LASIK.
  • Quality of vision is better,No night time vision aberrations

The folded ICL is inserted just behind the eye’s iris and in front of the natural lens. After being placed through the microincision, the artificial lens unfolds to its full width after implantation, which requires no sutures. After the six-minute procedure, the Visian ICL is invisible to the naked eye because of its location behind the iris. It can be seen only with a microscope during eye exams.
Unlike traditional contact lenses, you cannot feel a phakic IOL in your eye — like a dental filling, which you know is there but creates no sensation. Also, phakic IOLs require no maintenance.

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