Musle transposition (Knapp’s Procedure)

Musle transposition (Knapp’s Procedure)

Squint specialist of Divyadrishti Eye Centre,Dr.Randhir Kumar did vertical transposition of horizontal musle of 13 years old patient for the first time in Bihar.The patient had paralysis of vertical musle of left eye since infancy,because of which she was not able to move her eyes up.There was associated Ptosis(drooping of eyelid) causing a cosmetic blemish.Two horizontal muscles(Medial & latera Recti) of eyes were partially transposed vertically to strengthen superior rectus by Dr.Randhir.Subsequently Dr.E.Ravindra Mohan operated for Ptosis.The patient is doing quite well.This is for the first time in Bihar when a patient was efficiently managed by a squint and oculoplstic surgeon as a team in any one centre.

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