Dr.E Ravindra Mohan  next visit on 27-28th March,2015

Dr.E Ravindra Mohan next visit on 27-28th March,2015

Dr.E Ravindra Mohan in his last visit in January 2015 examined 61 patients with various oculoplstic problems.These patients included Ptosis(drooping of upper eyelid), Chronic Dacryocystitis(watering & discharge from eye),lid tumors,Prolapsed orbital fat, entropion(inturning of eyelid causing irritation,watering), Blepharospasm(frequent forceful blinking of eyelids), traumatic lid injury apart from other non-surgical problems.He did surgery for all those mentioned problems.He also injected Botox for relieving forceful frequent closure of eyelids. The most important highlight of this visit was Cutler Beard surgery for loss of tissue of lower eyelid. The patient’s lower lid sustained major injury in a road traffic accident.This injury caused loss of part of lower lid making patient unable to properly close the eyelid and also causing big cosmetic disfigurement. This is for the first time that this surgery was performed in Bihar.

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