Corneal flap by Moria One Use-Plus SBK Microkeratome

Corneal flap by Moria One Use-Plus SBK Microkeratome

Divyadrishti eye centre recently upgraded its LASIK facility by introducing SBK Microkeratome first time in Bihar and Jharkhand.By this microkeratome it is possible to achieve planar corneal flap of about 100 micron.

One Use-Plus SBK Key Features:

  • Predictable 100-µm. planar flaps
  • Smoother stromal beds than Femto-SBK
  • Faster visual recovery than Femto-SBK
  • Greater patient comfort than Femto-SBK during the first hours after surgery
  • One-month visual outcomes and quality of vision equivalent to Femto-SBK
  • None of the reported complications associated with femtosecond lasers
  • …and at a fraction of a cost!

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Divyadrishti Eye Centre

Divyadrishti Eye Centre,Patna was founded by Dr.Subhash Prasad in Nov.2002 with the aim of providing comprehensive eye care services using the best in technology and skills.