Chairing Session at WOC

Dr.Ranhir Kumar attended Annual Conf.of All India Ophthalmological Society , 2-5th Feb,2011,Cochin.

Dr.Subhash Spoke on Infinity Machine & Multifocal IOL On 29th Jan.2012 at Jamshedpur Eye Hospital.

Dr.Subhash Prasad spoke as guest faculty on Complications of Phaco at Darbhanga Medical College,25th Dec,2012
Bihar Ophthalmological Society Annual Conf.2-4th Dec,2011(Secretary-Dr.Subhash Prasad)

*Both Dr Subhash Prasad and Dr Randhir Kumar attended the BOSCON-2011, Rajgir. *There were toatal 6 talks & presentations and a live surgery from our centre.

*Dr Subhash Prasad did a live cataract surgery on a hard cataract with 2.2 mm incision and implanted restore multifocal lens.It was highly appreciated by all.He cleared the dilemma of TASS verses endophthalmitis in his talk on recent advances in ophthalmology section.

*His video Titanic Saved… posterior levitation of sinking nucleus received the best video award and Dr Anjani Kishore Prasad Gold medal. He also presented his free-paper –Saga of Gold plate which received a lot of appreciation.

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Divyadrishti Eye Centre

Divyadrishti Eye Centre,Patna was founded by Dr.Subhash Prasad in Nov.2002 with the aim of providing comprehensive eye care services using the best in technology and skills.