• I am very impressed by the infrastructure of divyadrishti eye centre.
    – Virendra Narayan (Professor)
  • Divyadrishti Eye Centre Clinic is unique in bihar everything is upto mark.
    – Ajit Kr. (Srivastava)
  • The Hospital like a milestone for those who are deprived of good Treatment.
    – Mrs. Reema,Principal( Holy Mission school)
  • This well equipped facility with your expertise will take eye treatment is Patna to the next level.
    – Mr. Rajeev kumar
  • It’s magnificent and wonderful eye hospital having special facilities.
    – Prakash Kumar,(ABP News Editor, Patna)
  • Divyadrishti Eye Clinic is fantastic. It is an advanced clinic equipped with modem facilities.
    – Brajesh Mishra,(Zee News)
  • Excellent vision for futuristic approach. The hospital is comparable to any Eye centre in India.
    – Dr. Ajay Kumar,(Urologist )
  • DivyaDrishti Eye Centre is boon to Biharis /outsiders seeking for eye treatment.
    – Anand kumar jha,(Doha Qatar )
  • I feel so happy and proud of this magnificent set up in our city Patna.
    – Sister Mary fideliscg,(St. josh’s Convent )
  • This will give an opportunity to this region for any kind of eye problem.
    – Dr.SubhashChandra,(Orthopedician)
  • Best service ever by Dr. Subhash Prasad. My eyes are better than ever before.
    – Deepak Kumar,(Engineer)
  • your Hospital is one of the best eye Hospital that I have seen.
    – A. D. J.Rozario,(Don Basco Academy)
  • I can rate it as one of the best in India..
    – Prof. Bharati S. Kumar,(Patna University)
  • Really awesome eye care centre under brilliant leadership of Dr. Subhash Prasad..
    – Dr. Saroj Kumari Sinha,(Delhi Public School)
  • Genuine state of art ophthalmology Institute under the able guidance & expertise .
    – Dr. A. K. Ashu ,(Indira Gandhi institute )
  • An individual can bring about a change that serves society forever. .
    – Dr. Ashok ,(Brain and nerve clinic )
  • A high level eye centre having world class facilities.
    – Vijay Prakash ,(SecretaryPlanning & Development Bihar)
  • An Excellent Eye Hospital with all facilities .
    – L. N. Poddar ,(Director,Poddar Tiles )
  • Excellent Eye Hospital with a very good Infrastructure .
    – Dr. D.k .Srivastava ,
  • Lasik has changed my life.
    – Rajeev Kumar, Patna
  • I am very thankful to Lasik technology and the doctors.
    – Neha Vikartan
  • Lasik has remove my eye glass, I am grateful to Dr.Subhash Prasad.
    – Asha Kumari, Patna
  • I am able to see everything without Eye glass after Lasik.
    – Deepmala, DalmiaNagar
  • I am thankful to Dr.Sir and his Lasik technology.
    – Jyoti Kumari
  • I would like to thank my doctor and will always obliged to him for ICL.
    – Mukul Sharma, Patna
  • After Lasik, I thank and congratulate Dr.Subhash Prasad for what they have done to me.
    – Ekta Jha, SBI,Patna
  • Thanks to Dr.Subhash Prasad and his eye centre for giving me new healthy eye.
    – Gautam Kumar, Patna City
  • Underwent ICL, I like to thank Dr.Subhash Prasad and Divydrishti Eye Centre for giving me new eyes.
    – Poonam Kumari
  • Dr.Subhash did ICL implantation in my eyes and I can see 6/6 without glass.
    – Sony ,Chhapra
  • Now my far and near vision both seems excellent after Multifocal Lense.
    – Neeta Aditya, Patna
  • My one eye was damaged. By operating right eye he has given me a new life.
    – Shashi Bhushan Pandey
  • My eye sight was so poor and now it is quite OK after Lasik .
    – Rajeev Kumar, Patna
  • Lasik has changed my life.
    – Dr.Rahmat Fatima